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Victor Lima is a Professional Photographer and Educator specializing in Night Landscape Photography, with an emphasis on Landscape Astrophotography. His work stands out for the technical aspect used in capturing his images, but without ignoring the sensitivity in the search for creative compositions that touch the soul of the observer.

Having started his photography studies at the beginning of 2015, he was also the winner of his first international photography contest, promoted by National Geographic. The award in this contest would still earn you, at the end of 2015, the publication of the winning image on the cover of one of the main travel magazines in the world, National Geographic Traveler.

In 2016, after his first photographic expedition through the Atacama Desert, Victor Lima was awarded once again by National Geographic, only now with third place in the 2016 NatGeo Travel Photographer of the Year contest, which is one of the most prestigious contests in world photography.

After this busy beginning of his career, today Victor Lima dedicates himself full time to photography, promoting Landscape Astrophotography Workshops in Brazil and Photographic Expeditions through the Atacama Desert. In addition, the photographer has become an official contributor to National Geographic, where he provides material to be published monthly in NatGeo's worldwide photography community, NatGeo YourShot.

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