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Don't miss the opportunity to join this epic photography adventure through the Atacama Desert. Allow yourself to be surprised by some of the most surreal and photogenic landscapes on the planet. We will explore crystalline water lagoons that appear in the middle of the salt desert, enjoy Flamingos feeding at dawn, witness the spectacle of the boiling waters rising from the ground, walk among the volcanoes of the Andes, watch the most colorful evenings from the southern hemisphere, enchant us with the most beautiful starry sky in the world and much more. Embark with us and come to know the Atacama Desert in a way you have never seen it.

Below are the itinerary and other information about the Tour:

Day 1 - San Pedro de Atacama

Arrival in San Pedro de Atacama. During the day, the participants of the expedition will be awaited and, after dinner, we will gather the group for a brief presentation of the participants and to discuss the details of the scheduled itinerary.

If it is of interest to the group, we can make an extra exit for a night photography section on the outskirts of the city.

Day 2 - Laguna Chaxa / Laguna Tebenquinche / OJos del Salar

We will leave early in the morning towards Laguna Chaxa, which is located in the Soncor Sector of the Salar de Atacama and within the Los Flamencos National Reserve area. The lagoon is home to countless wild flamingos and a delight for wildlife admirers. Return to San Pedro de Atacama at 1pm.

At 3pm we will leave towards Laguna Tebenquinche, where we will enjoy the sunset, which is one of the biggest shows in the region. As the sun begins to set, the Andes Cordillera is dyed red and the sky is transformed into an explosion of colors.

After sunset, we will do the first section of Landscape Astrophotography in Ojos del Salar, which are two circular holes, filled with water and that appear out of nowhere in the middle of the desert. Due to the water blade being a few meters below the surface, it is possible to make beautiful night images with the stars reflecting in the water.

Return to San Pedro de Atacama at 2:30 am.

  • Meals included: Brunch (Laguna Chaxa) / Pic Nic and Evening Snack (Tebenquinche and Ojos del Salar)

Day 3 - Geysers El Tatio / White Geyser

We will leave at 5:30 am towards the Geysers del Tatio, where there is the largest concentration of geysers in the southern hemisphere and the 3rd largest in the world, behind only Yellowstone (United States) and the Kronotski Nature Reserve (Russia). During sunrise, geysers' activity increases and the vapor columns reach a height of approximately 10 meters. Its water boils at a temperature of 86 degrees - boiling point, due to high altitude. On this expedition to the geothermal field, in addition to the spectacle of the geysers, you can also swim in a thermal pool.

Return to San Pedro de Atacama at 12: 30h.

Free afternoon.

  • Meals included: Breakfast

Day 4 - Altiplanicas Lagoons / Piedras Rojas Viewpoint / Tuyajto Lagoon

Free morning.

We will leave at 12:00 in the direction of Lagunas Altiplanicas, where we will see one of the main attractions of the entire Atacama region, the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons. These turquoise water lagoons appear at the foot of Cerro Miscanti and the Miñiques Volcano, which gives the place a fantastic aesthetic value.

We will continue to the Salar de Águas Calientes, also known as Piedras Rojas, where we will contemplate one of the most surreal landscapes of Atacama. The place takes its name from the reddish color of the rock formations in the region. Serving as a background for this landscape we have the Cerro Medano and the Caichinque Volcano.

Then, we will visit Laguna Tuyajto, which is just a few minutes from Piedras Rojas. The Tuyajto Lagoon has a peculiar beauty, due to the small salt formations that spread over a large part of its surface.

Based on the climate and weather conditions at the location, we will choose where we will take the photo section during sunset and also during the night.

Return to San Pedro de Atacama at 2:30 am.

  • Meals included: Pic Nic and Lanche da Noite

Day 5 - Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache / Micro (desert bus)

Free morning.

We will leave at 2:30 pm towards the Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache, which is a group of 7 small lagoons of emerald green water that appear in the middle of the Salar de Atacama. This place is pure contrast and beauty. The lagoons appear in the midst of pure white salt crystals and their waters are completely transparent.

From there we will continue to Vallecito, where we will find the abandoned carcass of a bus in the middle of the desert landscape of Atacama . Here will be our section of Landscape Astrophotography.

Return to San Pedro de Atacama at 2:30 am.

  • Meals included: Pic Nic and Lanche da Noite

Day 6 - Andean Lagoons

Free morning.

We will leave at 12pm towards the Lagunas Andinas, where we will visit a giant caldera that divides Chile, Bolivia and Argentina and that was formed after the eruption of the Vilama volcano, giving rise to a fauna and flora that exists only in that region. We will know the rock formations from 30 to 40 meters high, molded in the shape of monks by the action of wind and ice, known as monks of Pacana. We will observe birds and vicuñas in this part of the desert, which is also part of the Flamingos National Reserve. And we will pass by Lagoa Diamante, Salar de Águas Calientes and Salar de Quisquiro places with a unique and exuberant look, of landscapes that remind us of a work of art.

The Landscape Astrophotography section will be in the region of the Monks of Pacana.

Return to San Pedro de Atacama at 2:30 am.

  • Meals included: Pic Nic and Lanche da Noite

Day 7 - Image Editing and Processing

Free morning.

On that day, around 2pm, we will meet to make an evaluation of the images taken during the Tour and will also be given guidance on editing and advanced image processing.

About the Tour


  • 10/10/20 - 10/17/20 (sold out);

  • 04/10/21 - 04/17/21 (registration open).

Amount and Payment Method:

  • Price per person in double or triple room (2 or 3 participants per room): US $ 2750;

  • Supplement for single room: US $ 525 (may vary depending on accommodation);

  • Payment method: US $ 450 (registration) + balance divided into monthly installments, with the last installment up to 45 days before the start;

  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer or Deposit (Preferred). It is possible to split amounts through PayPal or PagSeguro (on request).

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation with breakfast during the tour period (7 nights);

  • Private transportation and food during the programmed departures on the Tour;

  • Tickets for all places visited during the Tour;

  • Local guides;

  • Photography instructor ( Victor Lima ).

Not included in the price:

  • Air tickets;

  • Visas and fees;

  • Travel insurance;

  • Photography equipment;

  • Personal expenses, tips, etc.

Additional information:

  • Find out and book your place through Instagram @victorlimaphoto or the form below;

  • All amounts expressed in American Dollars (US $);

  • The dollar value of the event serves only as a reference for payments in Real. The monthly installments will be calculated based on the price of the Dollar Turismo UOL . The final value of the trip in Reais will be defined on 08/28/2020, based on the dollar rate at the opening of that day;

  • A minimum of 8 participants is required to complete the Tour;

  • In case of withdrawal, the registration fee will not be refunded;

  • In case the minimum number of participants for the Tour is not reached, the amount paid will be refunded in full or, if this is the option of the interested party, it may be transferred to another event with available places;

  • The date of the event may be changed due to situations involving public calamity or restricted access to the event site , such as: floods, landslides, epidemics, etc. In this case, the participants must choose to participate in the event in question on their new date or else be given the credit of the amount paid to participate in some other event with available places;

  • The dates were defined according to the best conditions for landscape astrophotography. Although the climatic conditions in the Atacama Desert are quite predictable, we are not responsible for climate changes that may make this type of photography unfeasible;

  • This service provision is restricted to issues related to the Photography Tour, including accommodation, food and transportation during the planned departures. Any other questions of a personal nature, such as problems with individual documentation and so on, are not our responsibility;

  • During the Tour, we will visit places that are above 4000 meters in altitude. Consult your doctor.

What to bring (recommendations):

  • Mirrorless or DSLR camera;

  • Lenses from 16 to 400 mm;

  • Tripod;

  • Trigger cable (optional);

  • Polarizing and neutral density filters (optional);

  • Hand and head lanterns;

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen;

  • Cold clothing (windbreaker, second skin, fleece, balaclava, gloves, etc.).

Information and Booking

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