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Black Friday 2021
There are 3 spots with a 20% discount on each of the Photo Tours below:



03/23 to 04/01/22 (3 vacancies)

6 to 12 people

Landscape / Aurora Borealis

From 3200 to 2560 Euros

Open for subscriptions

Embark with us on this photographic adventure through Iceland, known as the Land of Fire and Ice. It will be 10 days touring the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the main attractions of the south coast of the country and the Golden Circle.



20 to 27/03/22 (3 vacancies)

7 to 12 people

Landscape / Aurora Borealis

From 2500 to 2000 Euros

Open for subscriptions

Photographic expedition to Lofoten Island, Norway. It will be 8 days exploring the most beautiful landscapes of the region, including the fascinating spectacle da Aurora Borealis.



04/30 to 05/07/22 ( 3 Vacancies)

7 to 10 people

Landscape / Astrophotography

From 2750 to 2200 Dollars

Open for subscriptions

Come and explore the highest and driest desert in the world in the company of photographer Victor Lima, awarded by NatGeo for his photographic work in Atacama.



07/23 to 08/02/22 (3 vacancies)

7 to 12 people

Landscape / Astrophotography

From 4400 for 3520 Dollars

Open for subscriptions

On this Namibia Photo Expedition we'll explore the country's top tourist attractions, including Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, Quiver Tree Forest, Etosha National Park and more.

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