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20 - 27 March 22 / 10 - 17 September 21



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When you first arrive in the Lofoten Islands, you feel like you are leafing through the pages of a fairy tale book. Time seems to have stood still here for hundreds of years. Our Photographic Expedition around this archipelago in the heart of the Arctic Circle will certainly be engraved in your memory. The unique lighting, which can only be found at this latitude, creates a dreamlike atmosphere for the islands' breathtaking scenery, surrounded by fjords, sharp mountains and charming fishing villages, which seem to have emerged from a fairy tale.
At this time of year, there are great chances to witness frozen landscapes. During the hours of darkness, we will go to some of the most spectacular places on the islands and expect the most incredible spectacle that the Arctic has to offer: the Northern Lights.

Have you experienced the magic of Arctic nights?

The Lofoten Islands are located within the Arctic Circle, in a position where the climate is very favorable and where on the luckiest nights everything turns green. The months of March and September are among the best of the year to watch the unique show of the Northern Lights. During the darkest hours, you can admire and photograph this which is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on our planet.


Untouched nature

The Lofoten Islands are still sparsely populated. Moving a few kilometers away from residential areas, it is still possible to admire what nature has created and continues to create every day. On this tour, we will visit the most beautiful and famous places on the Lofoten Islands and also its lesser known and more remote places. We will immerse ourselves in 360 degrees to discover these Arctic lands, among cinema landscapes and also its local population. Obviously, our goal on this trip will be to improve photographic skills and record the beautiful landscapes of the Arctic Circle.

Fairytale villages

In fairy tales, you can hear about enchanted villages, built on the coast and framed by the mountains. On the Lofoten Islands, cities have this kind of magical aura: all houses, streets and mountains are nestled in a natural setting that contains years of history and tradition.

Who is the trip for?

A trip for enthusiasts of landscape photography and the incredible scenery of the Arctic Circle. We will visit and photograph all the most beautiful places on the Lofoten islands, alternating photo sessions at sunrise and sunset and also at night, when we will have the chance to photograph the Northern Lights. During the trip, we will study all aspects related to landscape photography, from the basic concepts of photography to the post-production of the images.

Travel program

Below you will find the complete tour program, which will take place in March and September 2021. The program may be subject to changes, which will be communicated to all participants.

vareid onda(WEB).jpg

Day 1


  • Group meeting at Evenes airport, transfer and accommodation in Svolvær;

  • Presentations and introduction of the tour program;

  • First night photography session, hoping to celebrate the beginning of the tour with the first Northern Lights.

Day 2


  • Sunrise between the most characteristic streets of the capital, surrounded by red houses by the sea and mountains covered with snow on the horizon;

  • After breakfast, we will enjoy the city even before leaving for the three most typical villages in the region: Hamnøy, Sakrisøy and Reine. We will make several stops at the most suggestive places along the way;

  • Sunset on one of the most beautiful beaches on the islands, Vareid beach;

  • During the night, we will return to Hamnøy, Reine and Sakrisøy, which offer many incredible spots to photograph.


Day 3


  • Day dedicated to the three villages and a visit to Å, the last southernmost village on the islands;

  • Sunrise in Reine;

  • Sunset and evening between the most picturesque spots in the villages of Sakrisøy, Hamnøy and Reine.

Day 4 and 5


  • Our tour continues to the north, between beaches and lakes, where we will observe the fantastic reflections of the mountains in the water bodies;

  • In this area, we will witness the sunrise, sunset and night in incredible places, such as: Fredvang, Ramberg, Flakstad, the famous Skagsanden and Smorten beach, where we will have a beautiful view of the island of Gimsoya;

  • We will also wait for Northern Lights in two of the best places on the islands to photograph them, Lake Storvatnet, surrounded by mountains, and Skagsanden beach, where thanks to the reflections in the water, the whole landscape is colored in greenish tones.



  • We will depart towards Leknes, the central area of ​​the islands;

  • We will stop at the most famous and enchanted fjord of all the islands, Nusfjord;

  • We will visit and stay for the sunset on the wild beaches of Uttakleiv and Haukland, famous among surfers for their waves and among landscape photographers for their incredible colors and mountains by the sea;

  • To close the day, we will wait for the Northern Lights on Uttakleiv beach.


Day 7

  • We will continue towards Svolvær, where we will spend our last night. We will visit the Eggum lighthouse and Unstad beach;

  • On the way to Svolvær, we will choose the best place to photograph the sunset. Following the path, we will arrive at our hotel near the airport of Svolvær;

  • At night, if the weather is favourable, we’ll admire Northern Lights from a mountain lake a few km from the airport.

Day 8


  • Return flight departing from Svolvær;

  • Our adventure is over.


  • The team responsible for accompanying the group during the tour will consist of internationally awarded landscape photographers Victor Lima and Giulio Cobianchi . Giulio is a resident of the Lofoten Islands and knows as few the particularities of the place and the climate of the region.

  • In order to offer the highest quality during this trip, a maximum limit of 12 participants is defined in this tour, in order to be able to give the greatest possible attention to each of the students.

  • The minimum number of participants to confirm the tour is 7 people. The confirmation of the tour will take place with the payment of the total value of the trip by the minimum number of participants mentioned above. The deadline for confirmation of the tour is 90 days before departure.

  • The languages ​​spoken during the tour will be Portuguese, English or Italian.

  • The tour price includes:

- Nights in hotel or traditional cabins in double rooms with single or king-size bed  or single room (on request). The houses usually have 4 beds with 1 private bathroom for each house;
- transfers with our own van;
- intensive support from Victor Lima and Giulio Cobianchi;
- accompanying documents.


  • NOT included:

- Travel insurance covering health insurance / luggage insurance;
- International flights;
- local costs;
- Meals (*) (**);
- Supplement for a single room;
- Anything that is not expressly mentioned as "included";

* During the trip, a common fund for current expenses is created;
** We have breakfast in our accommodation; lunch and dinner will be taken or eaten in our accommodation; in that case, they will be paid by us through the common fund.


The recommended photographic equipment consists of a reflex or system camera with at least two lenses, a wide angle and a medium telephoto lens and a tripod. Optionally recommended: Photo filter and remote trigger. Also, don't forget:

  • Additional batteries because the temperatures are low;

  • Various cloths for cleaning the lenses;

  • Memory cards and etc.



The Lofoten Islands have a very unpredictable climate, every 30 minutes or so there may be changes in weather conditions, such as cloud formation, changes in lighting and wind, so waterproof boots and a jacket are required. It is best to layer your clothes so that you can add or layer them according to the weather. Example: thermal underwear, intermediate layer of wool or polar wool, coat and long windproof and waterproof jacket, which also covers the legs. Replacement socks and hiking boots are recommended.



  • Passport / identity card valid for international travel;

  • The national currency is the Norwegian krone;

  • Visa / MasterCard credit cards are accepted (you may experience problems with American Express);

  • You can withdraw Norwegian crowns from any ATM with a debit card.



  • The total cost of the trip is 2.500 Euros, considering accommodation in a room for two or three people;

  • You can reserve your seat by paying a deposit of 500 euros and paying the remaining part (2000 euros) in monthly installments up to 90 days before the tour starts.

  • In case the participant chooses to stay in a single room during the tour, a supplement of 600 Euros must be paid;

  • In case the minimum number of participants for the Tour is not reached, the amount paid will be refunded in full or, if this is the option of the interested party, it may be transferred to another event with available seats;

  • The date of the event may be changed due to situations involving public calamity or restricted access to the event site , such as: floods, landslides, epidemics, etc. In this case, the participants must choose to participate in the event in question on their new date or else be given the credit of the amount paid to participate in some other event with available places;

  • This service provision is restricted to issues related to the Photographic Tour, including accommodation, transportation during planned departures and the monitoring of photographers Victor Lima and Giulio Cobianchi . Any other questions of a personal nature, such as problems with individual documentation and others, are not our responsibility.


If a participant decides to cancel their reservation, they can do so at any time, communicating as soon as possible to the official email address of the tour organization.

However, remember that cancellation by a participant would create difficulties in managing reservations, in addition to the risk of not reaching the minimum number of participants for the tour.

Below are the cancellation rules:

  • In the case of a participant decides to cancel their reservation at any time, the amount paid as a deposit will not be returned;

  • Up to 120 days before the start of the tour, a refund of the amount paid so far by the participant can be made, subtracting the amount of the deposit;

  • Between 120 and 90 days before the start of the tour, a refund of 50% of the amount paid so far by the participant can be made, subtracting the amount of the deposit;

  • With less than 90 days remaining for the start of the tour, no refund of the amounts paid by the participant will be made.

  • In case the participant who wants to cancel his registration gets another person to take his place, the refund of the amounts paid so far may be made, subtracting the amount of the deposit. It is worth mentioning that the substitute must be a person who has never participated in events promoted by the tour organization and who has not yet expressed interest in this or other trips;

  • In case we have completed all the vacancies available to form the group for this tour, 70% of the amounts paid by the participant can be refunded, subtracting the amount of the deposit.









06 - 13 March 21 / 10 - 17 September 21



2.500 EUR

600 EUR

500 EUR




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