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Lofoten Islands

The colours of the Arctic

23 to 30/09/23










09/23 to 09/30/23



2750 EUROS






When you first arrive at the Lofoten Islands, you feel like you are flipping through the pages of a fairy tale book. Time seems to have stood still for hundreds of years in this place. Our Photographic Expedition around this archipelago in the heart of the Arctic Circle will certainly be engraved in your memory. The unique lighting, which can only be found at this latitude, creates a dreamlike atmosphere for the breathtaking scenery of the islands, surrounded by fjords, sharp mountains and charming fishing villages, which seem to have come out of a fairy tale.
At this time of the year, there are high chances of witnessing frozen landscapes. During the hours of darkness, we will go to some of the most spectacular places on the islands and wait for the most incredible spectacle that the Arctic has to offer: the Aurora Borealis.

Have you ever experienced the magic of Arctic nights?

The Lofoten Islands are located within the Arctic Circle, between 68 and 69 degrees north latitude. In this region, even a low Aurora Borealis activity is enough to be able to see it in the sky.

On the most amazing nights, everything turns green. September is one of the best months of the year to witness the unique spectacle of the Northern Lights. During the dark hours you can admire and photograph one of the most impressive natural phenomena on our planet.


Pristine nature

The Lofoten Islands are still sparsely populated lands.There are around 24,000 inhabitants in this archipelago, who are mostly on the seven main islands. These main islands are connected by amazing bridges and tunnels under the ocean. Moving a few kilometers away from the residential areas, it is still possible to admire what nature has created and continues to create every day. On this tour, we will visit the most beautiful and famous places of the Lofoten Islands and also its less known and more remote places. We will make a 360 degree immersion to discover these Arctic lands, among movie landscapes and also its local people. Obviously, our goal on this trip will be to improve photography skills and record the beautiful landscapes of the Arctic Circle.

Fairy-tale villages

In fairy tales, you can hear about enchanted villages, built on the coast and framed by mountains. In the Lofoten Islands, cities have this kind of magical aura: all the houses, streets and mountains are nestled in a natural framework that contains years of history and tradition.

Who is the Lofoten Photo Tour for?

A journey aimed at landscape photography enthusiasts and the incredible scenery of the Arctic Circle. We will visit and photograph all the most beautiful places in the Lofoten Islands, alternating photo sessions at sunrise and sunset and also at night, when we will have the chance to photograph the Aurora Borealis. During the trip, we will study all aspects related to landscape photography, from the basic concepts of photography to the post-production of the images.

Lofoten Photo Tour Itinerary

Below, you can find the complete tour program, which will take place in September 2023. The program may be subject to changes, which will be communicated to all participants.

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Day 1


  • Group meeting at Leknes Airport (until 4 pm);

  • We will travel in the group's private van to our base near Leknes;

  • Introductions and presentation of the tour program;

  • First night photography session, hoping to celebrate the start of the tour with the first Northern Lights.

Our luxury cabins are in a strategic position, we can quickly reach the best places both north and south.

Day 2


  • Early in the morning we will witness our first sunrise in the south of the islands, between Reine and Hamnøy, in the heart of the fairy tale;

  • After stopping at a typical cafe for breakfast, we will continue to the fantastic beach of Skagsanden, where the soft light of the morning sun will illuminate the mountains and allow the capture of beautiful images;

  • After lunch we will head north to the mythical beach of Uttakleiv, known as the beach of the eye of the dragon, where the colors of the sunset are at their best;

  • We will return to our cabins by the sea to have dinner and rest, while we wait for the dreamed Aurora Borealis. We will continue to one of the best beaches in Flakstad to observe and photograph the Aurora in the region.

Day 3


  • On our second sunrise, one of the most fantastic scenes of the entire trip awaits us. We will head south to photograph several amazing places between Hamnøy and Sakrisøy. Here time seems to have stopped many years ago and the line that separates reality from magic is very thin;

  • We will continue the day visiting the last village at the southern end of the Lofoten Islands, which is Å. The famous panoramic road E10 ends in this village, from there it is only possible to reach the southern end of Lofoten on foot;

  • Before sunset we will head to a place surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, lakes and beautiful mountains, a true landscape photographer's dream place, right;

  • Return to our base for dinner and relax a bit before another possible night in search of the Northern Lights in one of the most beautiful regions of Lofoten.

Day 4, 5 and 6


  • In the next few days our adventure continues through waterfalls, mountains, wild beaches, fjords and colorful villages, from the southern part of the island, passing through the Kilan region and going up a little to the north;

  • We will also visit the charming village of Nusfjord, located inside a remote fjord. We will make several stops to taste typical food and some short hikes to reach incredible viewpoints, such as the hill above Sakrisøy where, from the top, you have a 360-degree view of the most characteristic part of Lofoten;

  • We will seek, day by day, the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, in addition to the cleanest skies to capture the greatest spectacles of the Aurora Borealis.

Day 7


  • We will take advantage of this last day of adventure to return to the most beautiful corners of the islands, looking for the best light situations and taking pictures at their best.

Day 8


  • Return flight from Leknes (after 7am);

  • Our adventure has come to an end.




  • The total cost of the trip is 2750 Euros, considering accommodation in a shared double room;

  • If the participant chooses to stay in a single room during the tour, he will have to pay a supplement of 600 Euros. Single rooms do not have a private bathroom;

  • To reserve a place, it is necessary to pay a Deposit in the amount of 700 EUROS;

  • The total amount of the tour must be paid within 30 days before the start of the program;

  • All amounts expressed above consider payment via bank transfer;

  • The payment using  credit card is possible, through PayPal. In this case, fees will be levied on the amounts paid to ensure that the net amount received corresponds to the total value of the tour.

  • The tour price includes:

      - Overnight in double private rooms in a hotel;
      - All transfers by van, incluind from airport;

      - Local expert guide;
      - Two professional photographers who will teach you their special personal techniques;

      - Photo editing lessons with registration;
      - Support WhatsApp private group.


  • NOT included:

      - International flights;
      - Medical health insurance;
      - Meals and drinks (which will sometimes be packed);

      - Single Room Supplement (600 Euro);
      - Everything that is not included in the item “The tour price includes”.




  • Valid passport / identity card for international travel;

  • Valid certificate of vaccination against COVID-19;

  • Travel Insurance (Schengen Treaty).



  • The team responsible for accompanying the group during the tour will be composed of internationally awarded landscape photographers Victor Lima and Giulio Cobianchi. Giulio is a resident of the Lofoten Islands and knows the particularities of the place and the region's climate like few others;

  • The minimum number of participants to confirm the tour is 7 people. The confirmation of the tour will take place with the settlement of the total amount of the trip for the minimum number of participants mentioned above. The deadline for confirming the tour is 60 days before departure;

  • The maximum number of participants admitted to the tour will be 12 people, thus guaranteeing special attention from the photography instructors to each one of them;

  • During the tour we will have some photo editing lessons demonstrating all the techniques used from the first steps with the RAW files to the refinement in photoshop, and then the publication on the web. All sections will be recorded and sent to the participants after the end of the tour;

  • In our luxurious cabins we will have a kitchen where we can cook. Based on the photo program, we will decide if we will eat in our cabins or if we will prepare something to eat or if we will go to a restaurant. We will definitely try all three solutions.

  • Throughout the tour, the daily schedule can be adjusted by the organization in order to promote the best possible experience for the participants, taking into account weather, logistical and/or unforeseen issues, without prejudice to them;

  • This provision of service is restricted to questions related to the Photography Tour, including accommodation, transportation during planned outings and monitoring of photographers Victor Lima and Giulio Cobianchi. Any other issues of a personal nature, such as, for example, individual documentation problems, etc., are not our responsibility;

  • The languages spoken during the tour will be Portuguese, English or Italian.




  • How can I get to Leknes airport?

The easiest way is via Oslo, from there flights depart to Harstad / Narvik Evenes airport (code EVE) or to Bodø.
From Evenes or Bodø you can take the last flight to Leknes airport in the heart of Lofoten.
We will be waiting for you at Leknes airport to start our adventure.

It is mandatory to respect the entry and exit times of the group.

  • What photographic level is required?

These photo tours are suitable for both beginners and the more experienced.
The path of study will start from theoretical and practical bases to reach more complex techniques, but we will face them together step by step.


  • What is the physical level required?

No specific physical preparation is required, the walking routes will be easy and short.
All it takes is a lot of passion for day and night photography and the motivation to be there every day, at the right times, capturing great photos.


  • What kind of weather should I expect?

The Lofoten Islands have very sudden weather changes, in an hour you can see sun, snow, rain, ice storms, dramatic lighting situations and blue skies.
This month it's autumn at this latitude, you can expect a colorful scene, where Lofoten does its best, between the red of the leaves and probably the first snowy peaks.


  • Documents and currency?

Passport or valid identity card for expatriation.
The country's currency is the Norwegian krone.
Visa and MasterCard credit cards are commonly accepted (you may have problems with American Express instead).
You can withdraw Norwegian kroner at any ATM with a debit card.


  • What equipment should I take with me?

A digital camera.
A stable tripod.
A remote control that allows you to take pictures with an exposure of more than 30 seconds.
A bright wide angle lens (possibly F2.8) eg 14-24 or 15-30. Paired with a 24-70 or a 24-120 it would be perfect.
Photo filters (optional) GND, ND, polarizer.

Feel free to ask for advice on equipment.

Tip: Extra batteries as batteries drain quickly in cold weather. Several cloths to clean the lenses.


  • What should I wear?

The Lofoten Islands have truly unpredictable weather, every 30 minutes it can change dramatically. Therefore, dressing in layers is recommended, so you can add or remove them based on the weather of the day. For example, thermal underwear, a wool or fleece middle layer, a windproof jacket and a water-repellent cover.
Spare socks and tall boots are highly recommended.
Sport crampons and headlamp are mandatory.


  • How should I manage my bags?

Each participant must bring a rigid checked bag (not a bag) and a photo backpack.
This is to optimize the spaces in our van so that everyone feels more comfortable.


  • How and where will we eat during the trip?

In our luxurious cabins there will be a kitchen where we can cook. Based on the photo program and the weather, we will decide if we will eat in our cabins, if we will prepare something to eat or if we will go to a restaurant. We will definitely try all three solutions.
After sunrise, we can return to our cabins and have breakfast. During the day we will stop at several typical cafes and restaurants, before returning to the base, after sunset we will stop at the market where everyone is free to buy whatever they want to eat in our huts. There will be one or two dinners in restaurants to try typical dishes, but remember that our priority is landscape photography.


  • If the minimum number of participants is not reached for the Tour, the amount paid will be refunded in full or, if this is the option of the interested party, it may be transferred to another event with available places;

  • The date of the event may be changed due to situations involving public calamity or restricted access to the event location., such as: floods, landslides, epidemics, etc. In this case, participants must choose to participate in the event in question on its new date or else keep the credit of the amount paid to participate in some other event with available places;

  • If a participant decides to cancel his reservation, he may do so at any time by communicating as soon as possible to the address ofofficial emailof the organization of the tour. However, keep in mind that cancellation by a participant would create difficulties in managing the reservations, in addition to the risk of not reaching the minimum number of participants for the tour to take place. Below are the cancellation rules:

  • In the event of voluntary withdrawal by the participant at any time, the amount paid as a Deposit will not be refunded;

  • Up to 60 days before the start of the tour, the amount paid so far by the participant can be refunded, minus the Deposit;

  • With less than 60 days left for the start of the tour, the amounts paid by the participant will not be refunded;

  • In the event that the participant who wishes to cancel his registration finds another person to take his place, the amounts paid so far may be refunded, minus the Deposit. It is worth mentioning that the substitute must be a person who has never participated in events promoted by the tour organization and who has not yet expressed interest in this or other trips.









09/23 to 09/30/23



2750 EUROS






Information and Booking

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