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Corumbá Jump


This was my first award-winning image published on the cover of a magazine. Furthermore, this was the first image in National Geographic's history, taken by a photographer who reads the magazine and not by someone they hired, to be chosen for the cover of one of their magazines.

I took this image 5 months after I bought my first camera and it ended up on the cover of National Geographic Traveler before I completed 1 year in photography.

Salto Corumbá is a waterfall located in Goiás, in the municipality of Corumbá de Goiás, and is about 70 meters high.

Corumbá Jump

  • Specifications

    Fine Art Print on 100% cotton paper and natural pigment.

    Sizes 60x40, 90x60, 120x80 and 150x100. Other measures on request.

    Does not include frames, mounts, etc.

    Does not include shipping.

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