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Online Seminar

Landscape Astrophotography

03/21 to 03/23/23 - Registration Open

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The night sky hides beauties that our eyes cannot capture. Using advanced photographic techniques and taking advantage of the evolution of photographic equipment and image editing software, we can reveal the spectacle of light and color that takes place daily in the skies all over the world.

In this Webinar, photographer Victor Lima will reveal the secrets for capturing nighttime images of nature and landscape, including choosing equipment, planning sections, capturing and processing the images.

About the Instructor

Victor Lima is a nature and landscape photographer internationally awarded by National Geographic, International Photography Awards (IPA), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), among others. With his night photography work in the Atacama Desert, he achieved 3rd place in the 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest. In addition, after being the winner of the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Magazine Cover contest, he was the first photographer  in the world to have one of his images on the cover of one of the National Geographic publications through a contest. The photographer stands out for the technical aspect of his photographs and for the images that show the beauty of the night sky beyond what the eyes can see.

About the Webinar

- Date: 11/24 to 11/26/21

Location: Online / Internet

Level: Basic / Intermediate

Investment:  BRL 500.00 upon registration;

  The above amount must be paid preferably via bank transfer. It is possible to split the

  value up to 6x through PayPal, using the window on the side. In this case, there is an incidence of

  10% fee on the registration fee;

- Make your registration using the button on the side or by Instagram @victorlimaphoto .

- This Seminar will be broadcast live on the Internet and will be divided into 3 modules:

  • Class 01: Landscape Astrophotography - Planning via App (3 hours);

  • Class 02: Pai sage Astrophotography - Image Capture (3 hours);

  • Class 03: Astrophotography of Pai sage - Image Processing (3 hours).

- In addition to the live broadcast, a digital booklet will be available in PDF with all the content presented at the seminar;

- The recording of the seminar will be available for download after the event.

Topics covered

- Basics of astrophotography: constellations, location of the milky way, behavior of the milky way in the night sky and etc.;

- Photography planning using applications: Light pollution maps, definition of the best places for astrophotography, dates and times, etc.;

- Choosing the equipment: suitable machines, adaptations for astrophotography, clear lenses, flashlights, etc.;

- Basic concepts applied to Landscape Astrophotography: capture time, ISO, aperture, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, etc.;

- Photographic techniques: Long Exposure, Light Painting, Star Trail, Time Lapse, Focus Stacking, HDR, Panorama, Multiple Exposures and etc.;

- Creative compositions;

- Use of natural (moon) and artificial light (lanterns, flash, etc.);

- Image processing in Lightroom and Photoshop;

- Image Stacking;

- Luminosity Masks;

- Composition of Images in Photoshop.


- Class 01

- 19:00 h - Landscape Astrophotography - Planning via App ;

- 21:00 h - Clarification of Doubts;

- 22:00 h - Closing.


- Class 02

- 19:00 h - Landscape Astrophotography - Image Capture ;

- 21:00 h - Clarification of Doubts;

- 22:00 h - Closing.


- Class 03

- 19:00 h - Landscape Astrophotography - Image Processing ;

- 21:00 h - Clarification of Doubts;

- 22:00 h - Closing.

Additional information

  • Reserve your spot through the Contact section;

  • All amounts expressed in Reais (R$);

  • A minimum of 10 participants is required to run the Webinar;

  • In case of withdrawal from participating in the event, the registration fee will not be refunded;

  • The date of the event can be changed in order to reach the minimum number of participants so that it can be held. In this case, those registered for the event will be consulted before any changes are made;

  • If the minimum number of participants for the Webinar is not reached on the scheduled date and the participant does not agree to change the date of the event, the amount paid for the event will be refunded in full or, if if this is the option of the interested party, it can serve as credit for participation in some other event with open registration;

  • The Webinar will be broadcast live, therefore, it is necessary to use broadband internet by the participants, with sufficient capacity to follow the transmission without problems. The organization of the event will not be responsible for connection problems of the participant, which may prevent the follow-up of the live broadcasts.

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