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Basic Landscape Astrophotography (3 lessons + Support Material)

Topics covered

- Basics of astrophotography: constellations, location of the milky way, behavior of the milky way in the night sky and etc.;

- Photography planning using applications: Light pollution maps, definition of the best places for astrophotography, dates and times, etc.;

- Choosing the equipment: suitable machines, adaptations for astrophotography, clear lenses, flashlights, etc.;

- Basic concepts applied to Landscape Astrophotography: capture time, ISO, aperture, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, etc.;

- Photographic techniques: Long Exposure, Light Painting, Star Trail, Focus Stacking, HDR, Panorama, Multiple Exposures and etc.;

- Creative compositions;

- Use of natural (moon) and artificial light (lanterns, flash, etc.);

- Image processing in Lightroom and Photoshop;

- Image Stacking;

- Luminosity Masks;

- Composition of Images in Photoshop.

* For the complete basic course, 3 lessons must be purchased. After confirming the purchase of the 3 classes, you will receive a discount coupon to download the Support Material at no cost.

* The support material in PDF is presented throughout the classes.

* RAW files are intended for training in image processing techniques.

* The Lightroom Master Class is not part of this seminar.


Master Class Lightroom

Topics covered

- In this 3-hour video lesson, Victor Lima will present his workflow for image processing in Lightroom.

- The treatment of 3 images will be presented, being an urban scene, a daytime landscape and a night landscape.

- The workflow presented will go through the basic corrections of distortions due to the lens used to capture the images, the transformation of perspective and horizon leveling, the global adjustments of color, tone and contrast in the Lightroom basic panel, sharpening and reduction adjustments of noise, application of filters for local adjustments in the images and the exportation of the images for the desired use.

- Suitable for those who want to bring more life to their images without having to work with more advanced software such as Photoshop.

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