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The Enchanted Italy Mountains

07 to 14/10/23









07 to 14/10/23



2800 EUROS






The Dolomites, one of the most fascinating places in the world among lovers of mountain and landscape photography, offer unique emotions every season. The Dolomites region comprises a mountain range in the north of the Italian Alps, with 18 peaks that exceed 3,000 meters in altitude and form one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes on the planet. The scenic beauty of the region is an invitation to photographers from all over the world, who go there in search of capturing landscapes that seem to come out of a fairy tale. The sublime, monumental and colorful landscapes of the Dolomites, in addition to several other factors, made UNESCO recognize the region as a World Heritage Site in 2009.

During autumn, the already spectacular landscape of the Dolomites changes color and becomes even more impressive. From the end of September, the region's vegetation begins to take on shades of yellow and orange, bringing a unique color to the mountainous landscape of the Dolomites. In addition to the autumn colors, at this time of the year the temperatures are starting to get lower and the mountain peaks are starting to present snow in some places. It's no wonder that photographers from all over the world seek out the Dolomites during autumn. This is the period where the beauty of the region reaches its apogee.

The regions of Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Cinque Torri, Passo Giau, Passo Falzarego, Passo Gardena, Passo Sella, Pale di San Martino, Lago Antorno, Lago Misurina, Lago Braies, Alpe di Siusi and Val di Funes are certainly among the most symbols of these mountains. And is  It is precisely in these places that you will experience this unique and unforgettable photographic adventure.


Who is this trip for?

This is a trip aimed at nature and landscape photography enthusiasts, and the incredible scenery of the Dolomites. Planned by photographers and for photographers, during this trip we will always be in the most beautiful places in the region with enough time to look for the best compositions and wait for the right light, whether at sunrise or sunset. During the night, whenever the weather permits, we will do Landscape Astrophotography sessions under the supervision of Victor Lima and Giulio Cobianchi, specialists and international references in this field of photography. During the trip, all aspects involved in capturing nature and landscape photographs will be covered, from the basic concepts of photography to image processing.

Dolomites Photo Tour Itinerary

Below, you will find the complete tour program, which will take place from 10/07 to 10/14/23.

Note: the program may change depending on weather conditions. We are flexible and adapt to any situation to provide you with the best possible experience.

The meeting point is:

Venice Airport (Marco Polo), no later than 11:00 on October 07

On the 14th in the morning we will bring the group back to the meeting point.

Please departure from Venice on October 14th no earlier than 3pm.

Day 1


  • Arrival at Venice airport no later than 11 am;

  • After the presentation and introduction of what we will experience during the week, we will leave to reach the hotel next to Lake Misurina in about 3 hours;

  • After check-in, we will relax and get our things ready for the first night photo session after dinner;

  • We will drive to the Auronzo refuge, where we will capture the Milky Way above the famous Cadini di Misurina, the core will be high above these mountains;

  • Here we will focus on single and double exposure photos;

  • After the photo session, we will return to rest at the hotel.

Day 2


  • The next day, after immortalizing the sunrise on Lake Misurina, we will have breakfast at the hotel and then we will leave by car to reach the Auronzo shelter, where our two-hour walk will take us to the most beautiful places on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The walk takes about two hours, but you won't get tired, the view is fantastic and we'll stop several times to take beautiful pictures;
    We will arrive at the Locatelli refuge where we can rest, eat and drink something. The scenery will be really amazing, we will be surrounded by mountains, lakes and caves;

  • During the afternoon we will relax and enjoy the landscape looking for the spots where we will do the photo session during sunset;

  • After dinner, we will prepare for the night session. We will find the Milky Way above the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo and at 9 pm we will start shooting in this playground for landscape photographers;

  • Here we will also focus on panning the entire galactic arc;

  • After the photo session, we will return to the hotel to sleep.

Day 3


  • We'll wake up for the sunrise and set off to arrive with the van at Lake Antorno, where we'll wait for the sun to light up the mountains;

  • We'll return to the hotel and, after breakfast and a well-deserved rest, we'll head to the Cinque Torri car park, where we'll take the cable car to reach the Scoiattoli refuge, opposite the incredible Cinque Torri;

  • In this epic place we will photograph at sunset and, if we are lucky, we will find the Cinque Torri illuminated in red tones;

  • In about 40 minutes on foot we will go down to the parking lot to reach the cars and after dinner in a restaurant we will reach the famous Passo do Giau where we will have a night photography session;

  • Here too, in addition to the single core shots, we will be able to pan across the entire galactic arc.

Day 4


  • This morning we will sleep a little longer and after breakfast we will go out to photograph the Falzarego pass area, between streams, red trees and rugged mountains;

  • After that we will stop at the beautiful hidden Dones Lake and another secret spot where a river flows from a mountain peak creating several waterfalls;

  • Then we'll arrive at the new hotel and we can pack our things and relax a bit before going through an editing session on the computer;

  • We will head towards sunset on one of the most famous passes in all the Dolomites, the Gardena Pass;

  • After dinner, we will return to this stage to capture the Milky Way in a magical scenography.

Day 5


  • After breakfast we will leave by car and in about an hour we will be in another amazing place, Alpe di Siusi;

  • We will spend this day in this place, enjoying the view, relaxing and facing the sunset, night session and sunrise in one of the most fabulous places in the Dolomites;

  • During the afternoon we will face another editing session in front of the computer.