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Commercial Policies


1- Provision of Service:

The workshops and photographic expeditions sold on this site are all face-to-face, that is, for the contractor to participate in the events in question, it is necessary to travel to the location specified on the page of each event, within the period of their realization. Travel by air, land or sea to the location of each event will be fully borne by the contracting party, except in cases where there is a contrary mention on the official page of the event.

2- Exchange Policy

If the contracting party chooses to exchange the contracted event for a similar one in another location and on another date, this must be requested by email up to 60 days before the start of the originally contracted service. After this period, it will not be possible to exchange.

3- Cancellation and Refund Policy

• If the minimum number of participants for an event is not reached, the amount paid will be refunded in full or, if this is the interested party's option, it may be transferred to another event with available places on the website;

• The date of the event may be changed due to situations involving public calamity or restricted access to the event venue, such as: floods, landslides, epidemics, etc. In this case, participants must choose to participate in the event in question on its new date or else keep the credit of the amount paid to participate in some other event with available places;

• If a participant decides to cancel their booking, they can do so at any time by communicating as soon as possible to the official email address of the tour organization. However, keep in mind that cancellation by a participant would create difficulties in managing the reservations, in addition to the risk of not reaching the minimum number of participants for the tour to take place. Below are the cancellation rules:

• In the event of voluntary withdrawal by the participant at any time, the amount paid as a down payment will not be refunded;

• Up to 60 days before the start of the tour, the amount paid so far by the participant can be refunded, minus the down payment; • With less than 60 days remaining for the start of the tour, the amounts paid by the participant will not be refunded.

• In case the participant who wants to cancel his registration finds another person to take his place, the amounts paid up to that moment can be refunded, subtracting the value of the down payment. It is worth mentioning that the substitute must be a person who has never participated in events promoted by the tour organization and who has not yet expressed interest in this or other trips.

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